Bailey is missing us already.               Posted from USA: you have 2 comments travelblog.comHi Bruce, There is a flag for each entry, 5 in total. Unfortunately if you are not travelling the earlier flags are obscured- when you travel the flags track your progress. Brian 16 Sep 2007BruceThere are 5 pages and 1 photo of Bailey […]

Jontys China Trip,China,start

Qingdao, home of the very famous Tsing Tao beer, or at least very famous within China, and also the site for which the sailing at the 2008 Olympics will be held. Also the architecture in here is very European here and therefore quite different from most places in China, as the Germans settled here back […]

Jontys China Trip,China,1

Here it is, the newest installment of my travelblog that I promised in the recent e-mail I sent out to most of you. Well our studies came to completion on Friday the 22nd of September. We had a couple of final dinners in Nanning, one with the staff of the college and another that only […]

Clo – Clo in South America!,Peru,1

And then there were 18……  Yes, weve just left Lima and our numbers have almost halved.  It already feels like a different trip and after three months of 24/7 together, it was really hard to say goodbye to some people and really, really easy to say goodbye to others!  I am now Josie-less and dont […]