and so it goes….

stepping out of the house. feeling my backpacks weight finally on my hips. it’s somehow lighter than I thought.. But not for long. Stars lightening me my way to the airport- calm and normal everything goes smoothly, saying goodbye to the tree at the edge, thinking of the mountains somewhere on the horizon while the […]

Fünfte Monaten in Deutschland

Today officially marks the fifth month I have lived in Germany. Now while five months may seem like a long time the last few months have only felt like weeks. This last weekend was the 2nd Rotary Orientation weekend in Wenigerode. We slept in a hostel instead of a gymnasium so that was great, it […]

Travels to India

Compacted on the plane,  crossing oceans to get from one home to another, I remember the slow strumming on the guitar,  his strumming – so melancholic; The morning unveils the first fluttering of the birds on our fence, As my thoughts wander away to the veiled woman in Pali, her face – so dusky and […]

The US dollar has never been stronger, and I have been enjoying my time traveling the world and living on Japanese Yen while getting paid in US Dollars. When I stumbled on this graphic from Go Walk About Travel I just couldn’t resist posting!  

Everest base camp trekking

Everest base camp trekking is the most demanding and one of the popular trekking destination of Nepal. We Nepal Himalayas Trekking have many more fixed departure for 14 days Everest base camp trekking with reasonable cost.

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