Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why did I quit my job in favour of travelling full time? Since I made the announcement that I was going to try my hand at travelling full time, I’ve been plagued with questions such as: Teachers get good holidays, why not carry on working? […]

The Big Trip.

Jess is a Wanderer has done it! The resignation has been handed in, plans are starting to come together…   It is official! On September 1st, I will be travelling to London, Gatwick airport (to be precise) to take my first ever flight to Estonia – the northernmost Baltic country. Following that, I shall be […]

Where is Jess is a Wanderer from?

Where is Jess is a Wanderer from? | Jess is a Wanderer Europe July 22, 2017 Jess is a Wanderer was born and raised in the quaint English countryside known as The Cotswolds. With honey-coloured houses dating back hundreds of years, duck ponds, village pubs and sheep-filled fields, there are ample opportunities for lovely photos, good […]

Goodbye Egypt!

    After an absolutely fantastic six years in Egypt, the time has finally come to say goodbye. As a result, I wrote a letter and made a video! Enjoy… view the video here . Dear Egypt,   I arrived during the Revolution in 2011 but you made me feel so welcome despite it being […]