The Last Few Days in the Wild

Days 29-30: Jess is a Wanderer spends the last few days in the wilderness before returning back to Tirana, Albania’s bustling capital city. Wolvo has sustained some sort of knee injury during the shenanigans of the last couple of days so our final full day was spent walking from our house – 4km from Theth […]

A Hike to the Top of the World

Day 28: We’ll just go for a short walk today. Nothing too strenuous… 6km later we’re on top of a super steep mountain! The Germans left after breakfast and Maria pointed us in the direction that we should spend the day walking. There was a giant mountain which looked totally impossible to climb so we […]

The Mysterious Blue Eye aka Siri Kaltër

Day 27: Jess is a Wanderer set off with Wolvo, the Germans and Samuel, the 19- year-old ‘guide’ who we’d tipsily hired to escort us to Albania’s Blue Eye… Waking up to another day in paradise. At least that’s what it looked like given the blue skies, fluffy clouds and mountains that looked down upon us as […]

5 Days in Albania’s Accursed Mountains

Days 25-26: Jess is a Wanderer was hiking mountains, chasing waterfalls and sampling homemade rakia in Albania’s wilderness and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Arriving into the village was perfect timing as – per usual – Wolvo and I desperately needed to pee. We pulled up to Sadri Lukes ‘Hotel’ and realised very quickly that […]

The Journey to Thethi National Park

Day 25: Jess is a Wanderer went to Albania in search of mountains. Thethi National Park came up with the goods but the journey there was quite the adventure in itself…   We knew that we had to take the bus from Tirana to Shkodër, pronounced Shkodra, from somewhere near the capital’s Central Bus Station. […]

All Things Albania

Days 23-24: Jess is a Wanderer left Macedonia on a bus headed to Albania’s capital – Tirana. What a beautiful part of the world this is turning out to be! Day 23: After arriving at the bus station and spending the last of our pennies, we stood around waiting for the bus driver to sort of, […]

Matka Canyon, Macedonia

Day 22: Jess is a Wanderer left the city and headed for one of Macedonia’s ‘top nature’ spots – Matka Canyon.   Matka Canyon is located just 45 mins away from Skopje’s city centre. It can be accessed using bus ’60’ from the main bus station. A one-way journey costs 75 Lev but the driver sells returns […]

Spontaneously in Skopje

Day 21: Jess is a Wanderer arrived in Skopje – Macedonia’s capital city. It was a welcome sight after an 8 hour train, a 3 hour wait and a 6 hour bus ride. Buying tickets in Sofia was a doddle. This company in the pic (MATPU) travel to Skopje three times a day: 9:30, 16:00 and 19:00. The journey takes […]

Beaching in Bulgaria

Days 18-20: Jess is a Wanderer enjoys some relaxation time in Bulgaria’s seaside town of Varna. Great food, scenery, nightlife and the perfect place for some chill time. We found a fantastic Airbnb apartment just a stone’s throw from the beach and the city centre. The sea garden, aquarium, main shopping stretch, cathedral and Roman theatre ruins were all within […]

Sweating Our Way to Bulgaria

Day 17: It’s been a dramatic and eventful journey to Bulgaria but a whole twelve hours ahead of schedule, Jess is a Wanderer is at the beach in Varna!  Waking up to a 6am alarm, everything was planned. We’d get an Uber at 7 to the train station and the train would leave at 07:35 taking […]