Jess is a Wanderer’s 2017 Round-Up

Jess is a Wanderer, for some reason, decided that 2017 was the year to quit working and pursue a stint of full-time travel. Officially, there was no reason for this decision to be made as I was in a well-paying teaching job, living in Egypt (where the cost of living is very low), I had amazing […]

Jess is a Wanderer at the Rodeo

Jess is a Wanderer was driving along New Zealand’s coast when signs advertised the rodeo at Opotoki. $20 later and cowboys were flying off bulls and horses like nothing I’d ever seen! There have been protests about cruelty to animals regarding the rodeo but the announcer informed us that things were all above board… I don’t know […]

Budget Ramayana Tour Packages

When planning your visit to Sri Lanka it is always a great idea not only to pre-plan getting there and your accommodation but what you want to do and see during your time on the island and no religious, historical or spiritual experience would be complete without an insight into Sri Lanka’s Ramayana heritage. Ramayana […]